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June 29, 2022

Instagram announces new Age Verification Features

 Instagram recently launched a new set of features that will help verify the age of its mobile app users. According to Instagram, any users that attempt to change their age that was previously set to below 18, to above 18 must now pass a series of tests in order to verify their age.


There are three main methods to verify your age. The first route is by providing a picture of your driver’s license, passport or similar ID card. This image will be only stored for 30 days before it is deleted.


The second option uses social vouching where Instagram will select six users that are adult friends and at least three of them must vouch that the user in question is over 18.


The third possibility is to use video selfies that utilize cutting edge AI technology to assess and evaluate the potential age of an Instagram user. This technology is pretty revolutionary as it relies on AI algorithms to detect certain facial features that can confirm the approximate age of the subject in the image.


If you have a mobile app idea then Elegant Media is a leading Australian app developer that delivers results in no time. In light of recent attempts to push for greater compliance across the Instagram platform it is hoped that these new age verification features will provide all users a more secure and safe platform.

Preventing teenagers from being exposed to harmful content is very important for Instagram. This is because Instagram relies on advertising revenue from big brands that use Instagram to connect with the teenage audiences.


If you are based in the city of Brisbane then you should input app development company Brisbane into a search engine in order to find reliable service providers.


Since its launch in 2010, the Instagram mobile app has been a favourite of teenagers all around the world spanning numerous markets and countries across millions of users. Since Instagram is a visual medium the importance of language is less and rather it is the visual form that drives the content providing both the cultural context and localized reference.


Instagram users can create large lists of followers that can also be leveraged by brands that work with Instagram influencers to reach their ideal target audiences.


Instagram also has a lot of users in Canberra and a search for app developers Canberra will help you select the most suitable app developer in your locality that has both skills, experience and knowledge to bring your mobile app idea to life. It could just be the next Insagram!


The new digital lifestyle appeals to both the young and old and it is the young that must be especially protected by the old and Instagram’s new age verification features will definitely help to limit underage users from being exposed to adult content.


Instagram realizes the value of such policies as they will help make Instagram a safe place for users of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and origins. Instagram can be accessed on pretty much all smart devices from smartphones and laptops to desktops and tablet devices.


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