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July 2, 2022

Importance of public speaking in the school curriculum

Speaking is a chief skill required by the students. Public speaking is crucial in every profession. Whether they wish to become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, or an artist fluent oratory skills are a must. The foundation of public speaking takes place in schools. Public speaking may seem to be a scary task to some students. Schools must encourage these skills through debates, extempore, and other competitions.

Let’s look at the importance of public speaking in schools and how they can improve their skills.


Public speaking enhances communication skills

Good communication is needed in every phase of life. Our words carry the power to change who will listen to you if you are scared of speaking in public. If you cannot communicate your ideas clearly, how will people know about you, how will recruiters provide you with a job, or how will universities grant you admission. Before moving on to other skills, recruiters focus on speaking skills. Public speaking activities in school boost confidence, motivate students and assure them to feel comfortable while delivering speeches or having conversations with other people.


Public speaking helps to overcome fears

Glossophobia or speech anxiety is one of the fears that major populations around the globe face. As a result, they cannot communicate their ideas, leading to miscommunication. But, these fears need to be overcome in schools only. Try to speak in-class presentations, practice the text by reading aloud before presenting, and feel confident around your classmates.


Top universities like Harvard University, University of Michigan, University of Washington, and many others launch course in public speaking. These courses are available on several online platforms like Edx, Coursera, Udemy, etc. One can easily enroll in these courses and boost their path to success. Some of such courses are free while some of them require subscriptions.


Public speaking improves leadership qualities

Knowing how to lead people, is a necessary skill in one’s career path. Public speaking helps to develop these qualities. In schools, such qualities can be developed through group projects and presentations. Oration classes can be scheduled that bring students out of their shells. Students often get influenced by the people around them. Principals, teachers, and mentors must set an example for students by showcasing their best oratory skills.

Those who hesitate to speak in public, feel less confident while facing opposition. One must overcome these fears, amplify their ideas, and lead their organization to the right path.


Public speaking helps to build connections

Public speaking is the best way to form connections and nurture relationships. Those who hesitate miss chances to connect with somebody who can help them in the future. Speaking in public boosts the social skills of the students. Teachers must conduct activities like news reading, storytelling, and poem recitation daily, at least for five minutes.


Anybody can excel in public speaking

Public speaking is not rocket science that is hard to learn. It just requires one to speak fluently and confidently. Anyone can learn this skill, students need to come out of their comfort zone. Teachers can encourage this by providing rewards and certificates to the students who showcase excellent speaking skills. If a student fails, they must be given a consolation prize or a participation certificate. It will motivate the students to participate in such activities and make them eager to learn.


Students must listen to speeches from great orators and learn how words, when spoken with conviction, can influence millions of people. Ted talks, josh talks, and talk shows are readily available on the internet, where excellent speakers talk on a wide range of topics. Students must listen to such talk shows. As a creator, even you can sell online courses from your website. Students can check out these courses to help them excel in public speaking.


To sum up, public speaking is a very crucial skill that needs to be learned by everyone. It helps in every phase of one’s life. The foundation of this skill starts in school. The school must encourage activities like debates, plays, extempores, speeches, news reading, poem recitation, etc. Public speaking will be beneficial to students in their career journey.





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