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April 21, 2022

Different Types of CBD Supplements

Are you planning to incorporate a CBD supplement into your daily diet? The extensive research into the potential health benefits of cannabidiol has led to the massive growth in popularity of this miraculous compound.

Nevertheless, the presence of various CBD supplements on the market might be overwhelming and confusing for most new buyers. Your shopping decision can be facilitated by considering a few essential factors, such as the potency of the product, the method of ingestion, safety, etc.

Have a detailed look at the most popular supplement types.

Introduction to CBD types

When shopping for CBD supplements, buyers should become familiar with the three most prominent forms of cannabidiol, including isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. CBD isolate supplements contain no other cannabinoids but cannabidiol, meaning they are devoid of THC. These products enable users to test the effects of cannabidiol without any interference from other compounds. Read more about THC’s effects on the body, its medicinal uses, and associated risks.

Broad-spectrum supplements contain multiple cannabinoids and compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant like CBN, CBC, and various terpenes. The presence of these aromatic compounds provides plants with their characteristic scent while offering therapeutic benefits. For instance, limonene, a well-known terpene, offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral benefits. It’s essential to note that broad-spectrum products lack THC.

Full-spectrum CBD supplements, on the other hand, include the same terpenes and cannabinoids as the broad-spectrum ones, including THC. Nevertheless, the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol is below 0.3%, which prevents the compound from inducing hallucinatory effects. Users of these products are likely to experience the entourage effect, as all compounds join their forces to maximize the benefits to individuals’ health.

Oils and tinctures

Tinctures and oils are among the most sought-after CBD supplements. These terms are often used interchangeably despite the difference in meaning. The former represents a blend of cannabidiol extract and carrier oil. The usual extraction method used in the production of such oils is CO2, as it doesn’t compromise the bioavailability and sustainability of the plant. Once the compounds are extracted, they are afterward mixed with a carrier oil.

In contrast, tinctures rely on alcohol as a solvent used in the extraction of natural compounds from the plant. The percentage of used alcohol ranges between sixty and seventy percent. Make sure to check out our CBD – Cheefbotanicals selection of CBD products. Tinctures are often preferred by buyers for their longer shelf life, from three to five years.

Nevertheless, many individuals avoid them because of the bitter taste. In an attempt to mask the bitter flavor, producers use additives like flavorings and sweeteners. There are certain companies that add herbal extracts, vitamins, or special supplements, such as melatonin.

Moreover, tinctures and oils are best ingested by placing a few drops under your tongue, referred to as the sublingual method. You should allow the liquid to absorb for sixty to ninety seconds before swallowing it. The sublingual method ensures the mucous membranes absorb the tincture and deliver the liquid straight to the bloodstream.

By ingesting the liquid sublingually, the oil bypasses the digestive system and liver, which allows for more effective and immediate relief. The effect lasts for as long as a few hours. Hence, it’s suitable for individuals searching for immediate but long-lasting effects.


Another popular CBD supplement form is capsules, which can be easily incorporated into the diet of every user. A large number of individuals prefer capsules over tinctures, as the former provides more convenience in terms of consumption. These pills contain anywhere between 25 and 50 milligrams of CBD.

It’s important for buyers to make a difference between CBD capsules and softgels. Capsules are made with a solid outer shell and encapsulate dry ingredients. Conversely, softgels feature a soft outer shell but contain liquid instead of dry ingredients. They consist of carrier oils to encourage the absorption of cannabidiol.

The most common carrier oils used in softgels include coconut and other plant oils. The outer shell of both capsules and softgels is made either from gelatin or cellulose, depending on whether the product is vegan-friendly. This article, https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/top-10-evidence-based-health-benefits-of-coconut-oil, explains ten evidence-based coconut oil benefits for your health.


Concentrates are yet another form of cannabidiol supplements containing the highest dosage of CBD compared to other products. The concentration of cannabidiol can be up to ten times higher in comparison to the average product. Concentrates are convenient in view of ingestion, as users need no more than a few seconds to consume their daily portion.

Much like tinctures, concentrates are ingested sublingually by allowing the powder to absorb for a minute or two. These supplements are the most reasonable choice for individuals looking for high potency and instant effects.


Vaping CBD has become a huge trend in recent times. In order for individuals to use cannabidiol vape oil, they need a vape pen, e-cigarette, or vaporizer. The oil is added to the device of choice, which heats it and prepares it for inhalation.

The inhalation method provides the quickest absorption, as it bypasses the digestive system and finds its way directly to the bloodstream through the lungs. Vaping allows individuals to carry the device with them everywhere and enjoy the effects of CBD at any time.

The bottom line

Regardless of which CBD type you choose, the benefits are inevitable.

Nevertheless, make sure the chosen supplement fits your daily routine and is convenient to consume!



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