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September 1, 2021

Can Blocked Users on Instagram See Your Comments

Instagram is one of the most secure networks of the current time, giving its users all the control they desire and need to stay away from the toxicity of other people. If you happen to have too many followers you sometimes feel overwhelmed receiving massive numbers of messages. Sometimes, it is hard to count how many people send you direct messages. 

The perk of social networking is you can connect with almost everyone of any culture, race, region and color. You have all the power to choose the time for communication and conversation. It’s a kind of freedom you take delight in while socializing virtually with your friends, family members, loved ones, colleagues through the networks. There are no restrictions, no boundaries and no tough rules for you to follow.  Provided that social distancing is needed so badly these days you can still keep in touch with everyone without meeting them personally.

The beauty of most social networks is connection- you never feel alone, you never feel detached from the society and your loved ones. However, there comes a time when some users cross their boundaries and send you hateful messages. Though you feel hurt at times if you know them personally but you can always prevent yourself from their toxic influence by blocking them on Instagram.

Blocking a user on Instagram is just very easy, you have to go to their profile and tap on the setting to press the block option. It merely takes a second or two to complete this action. Now the question is “ can block users see your comments on Instagram”? Keep reading to get the answer.

What happens when you block someone on Instagram?

As soon as you hit that block option and remove someone from your friend zone, their likes and comments are automatically removed from your media content. It does not matter how long you two have been in touch on Instagram, once you hit the block button, all their comments on your posts, stories and images would be gone. 

Life sometimes brings you to the point where you have to burn the bridges and let go of your loved ones especially when they hurt you. Forgetting a relationship is not easy but you can save yourself from a lot of pain by removing those people from your networks that hurt you most. 

When you block someone, their likes and comments get deleted. So always think twice whether you want to remove them from your friend list or not, if you still want them to be in your life in one way or another, you should simply ignore their messages.

The person you block on Instagram never gets notified that they have been blocked by you. Therefore, they can still send you messages but you won’t receive them. You won’t be able to respond back since you have blocked them. Additionally, they won’t be able to find your profile and user. 

If I block someone on IG can he read my comments? 

If you block someone, they can still see your likes and comments on the profiles of other people. Let’s say you both have been following Kim Kardashian for a long time, the person would be able to read your comment on her posts. However, he cannot tag you in the posts or comments.

Also once you block someone you can never retrieve their old comments or likes, they are gone and removed permanently. Make sure that you really wish to remove them before taking a finalized decision. 

The people you block on Instagram won’t be able to mention your username, they cannot tag you on any of the posts they comment on.  However, if they know your username by heart, they can type it and tag you. It is unlikely that your loved one memorizes your username, if he does, he can mention you there. 

The reason why the blocked contacts can view your comments on your public profile is that they have not blocked you yet. You have just done it on your part, you won’t be able to go to their profile and write comments just like before. You won’t even be able to use the chat features. But you are blocked from their list so they can view your comments easily. They may send you messages as well because they don’t know that you have removed them from their list. In fact, they may assume that you are just not reading their messages. 


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