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May 7, 2021

5 Best Mobile Apps For Every Startup Business

There is a huge chance that now you have more than one program opened in your smartphone. But this isn’t today’s’ topic, the main question is not if you should use programs and tools but that programs and resources you should use as a startup business. With tens of thousands of productivity programs on the current market, the main question is how can someone select the best solution?
Nowadays, when everything is about convenience, having a very long list of apps would feel more as a hassle than an advantage. Before you even think about investing your time and money to yet another new productivity program, you should for starters understand what your opponents are using and also what programs would be applicable to the startup of your dimensions and the industry you’re in.

Another important question is how does the chosen program integrates with other tools and apps you’re already using? Ignoring these questions could result in company employees losing a great deal of time handling soiled programs and resources. Since startups are always running short on time, money and resources, locating and incorporating the ideal programs is crucial. The ideal integration must end up giving back a time to the workers in order that they may use that extra time to concentrate on what is really important and that’s growing the startup.

In the subsequent text, you’ll discover a listing of most commonly used productivity programs by a few of the most prosperous startups and smaller companies. Follow along.

Image to Word Converter

When you conduct a startup everything around you occurs extremely fast. In that fast-moving environment, it’s pretty easy to get caught up with the work and overlook important things and make errors. In the event the contract you are just about to sign has some important mistakes in it, you could easily fix all of them with the assistance of your smartphone. Just use Picture to Word Converter program to scan and convert the file to MS Word, edit it and then print the freshly edited file. It’s as easy as that. Besides scanning, you can even convert images to text directly from your smartphone gallery, Gmail attachments or cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc..

Zoho CRM

If you are in a sales business this app is essential. It is very difficult to monitor all of your sales leads and not to mention your sales stuff. Fortunately for you, there are loads of customer relationship management (CRM) tools which will allow you to manage all the service and sales data your business generates. Unfortunately, these services are often very costly and difficult to use. Zoho CRM claims it solved that problem. It provides your startup accessibility for up to ten users, advertising, customer service automation, fundamental sales lead, limited coverage, and forecasting applications. There is actually not much more to inquire.


This program can help you handle contact and close bargains from one centralized place. It allows you to ask signatures, monitor contract statuses and autofill contract information. There’s an option to sort documents by touch status or final view which can help you determine time when to follow up with prospects. By using the program it is possible to sign, sync and send contracts with less than an hour turnaround time Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.


Good team communication is crucial, particularly in the early stages of a startup. Slack is one of the best programs which can help you manage it like a pro. You can chat with your workers in large open classes or you can create specific smaller classes and even one-way stations for personal conversations. Beside messages it is possible to share a variety of types of documents to other parties in chat groups. Slack’s free alternative includes 5GB of storage which should be more than sufficient for the beginning.


We talked about how automation of various processes of a startup is important, and one part of this business at which you will definitely want it is email marketing. Whatever you’re trying to sell, you’ll require a powerful email marketing tool and there is no greater tool than Mailchimp. If you think that free program is too little for your business, you can always choose a monthly or pay-as-you-go plan which basically means that you cover each email you send. The app allows you to make beautiful emails that match the appearance and feel of your new and you may manage lists, send campaignsand add new subscribers and view reports.

What is your favorite app? The sector is filled with various unknown but nevertheless quite innovate and useful programs so that you shouldn’t wait any further, dig in and find your next preferred productivity program. You should definitely start with incorporating these 5 programs to your arsenal — it might be the difference from moving in the startup to a scaleup.

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